“I guess I’m trying to articulate those mysterious corners of the mind where there exists grains of truth that we don’t often touch on because we don’t have the words to capture them.”
David Bowie
Ever since I was a child, I've been captivated by abstract art rooted in the subconscious. That dreamlike quality that presents us with something familiar and alien all at once, confronts us with a deep and enduring mystery.
My abstract work is primarily in acrylic paint on canvas, often weaving in elements of collage, drawing, and writing. My practice helps me to transcend the stresses and strains of modern life, be absolutely and utterly present in the moment, to rise above the cacophony of the world.
Much of my artistic impulse is driven by my experience with meditation and mindfulness, and an appreciation of the importance of good mental health. My work helps me to stay internally balanced by providing a safe arena for me to process my thoughts and emotions, to play in a spirit of exploration and enduring excitement without the fear of failure.
Drawing from the influences of visionaries like Picasso, Pollock, Rauschenberg, and Basquiat, as well as the avant-garde Dada movement, I seek to evolve their methodologies within the context of our post-truth world. In an era marked by societal fragmentation and digital dependence, my goal is to capture the zeitgeist—-a tragic yet beautiful decay.
True creativity, to me, is a journey into the depths beyond our limited human senses. It's an immersion into the mysterious fabric of reality, where rhythms, patterns, and energy coalesce. It’s no surprise then that I take much of my creative inspiration from musicians as well as other visual artists. 
In this ephemeral existence, my mission is to express myself as authentically and fully as I can. Pulling no punches, leaving everything on the field, finding my voice in its purest form.

I’ve exhibited work in London and across Essex, and my work is featured in dozens of private collections. I currently work out of a shared studio space in my home town of Chelmsford, Essex.