My work is an expression of the central tenets of my life; the importance of balance in all things, being as present as possible moment to moment, communicating openly and honestly with others in a heartfelt way, and maintaining a child-like sense of playfulness and wonder with the world around me.
Many of my artistic impulses are driven by my experience with meditation and mindfulness, and an appreciation of the importance of good mental health. My work is a channel of communication between my subconscious and waking mind. I often won’t fully understand what I’m making until quite some time after it’s completed, when the pieces fall into place and the work will finally make sense to me. I find this endlessly interesting and engaging.
My main goal when creating a piece of art is to enjoy myself as much as possible. I need to be excited enough by what I’m doing to warrant sitting in a freezing cold studio night after night rather than the myriad of other pleasurable things I could be doing with my time.  I feel that if I’m truly engaged by my work, then people will see that pouring out of what I produce and will respond to it.
I believe that when we engage in true creativity and flow that we tap into something deeper than we are able to detect with our limited human senses. For me, I get a meaningful sense of being at one with nature and the mysterious fabric of reality; the rhythms, the patterns, the energy. It’s no surprise then that I take much of my creative inspiration from musicians rather than other visual artists.  
I work primarily in acrylic paint on canvas, but I often combine this with collage, drawing, and digital illustration. I’ve exhibited work in London, Chelmsford and Southend-on-Sea and have taken on several notable commissions. I currently work out of a shared studio space in my home town of Chelmsford, Essex.